Tuesday, 9 April 2013


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Yesterday I popped down to Brixton to document the party
that celebrated the death of Margaret Thatcher! It was quite
 a weird place to be; if there's anything that's a really
 un-British thing to do, it's to celebrate someone's death.

I decided I wanted to take a few pictures as well as do a  
few paraphrased interviews. Here's some of the opinions
that I gathered from the people who came down.

Warren, 44, builder.

Warren says peoples celebration of Thatcher's death wasn't
about people being malicious, and it was more so about
people being genuinely happy because they disliked what
she did with her power. He thinks that she was overly
capitalistic with the amount of things she privatised, as
well as made society too selfish. He also says that she
 got to hide behind the media portraying her as some
sort of 'strong woman'.    


Much like Warren, Val here felt this party was more about people 
disliking her policies rather than celebrating an old woman dying.
When I asked her what she thought the 'ConDems' would think of  
all this, she was pretty sure David Cameron wouldn't like it!

Will, 34, chef.

Will here was the first to admit he did come here with malice
and ill intent, though as you can tell from the banner he's
holding up it's not really something that I have to point out. He
tells me that he grew up in Peckham during Thatcher's time, 
where throughout his primary school days he didn't have a
permanent teacher. He also dislikes her for crucifying the
non Tory boroughs and for shutting down the ILEA.

Joseph, barman

Joe's a friend of mine, so it's a real shame I can't
remember how old he is. Oh well.

With his typically postive, life loving attitude he tells me
he's just here to party but feels like the malicious vibes are
 a bit too much. His main thoughts are that when it comes
down to it, although he doesn't know her personally there
are people who love and care for her and will have to endure
seeing all of this all over the news. I say I had a familar
sentiment towards Amy Winehouse when she died and people
making jokes about this. For some reason we find this amusing
and have bit of a chuckle... 

Adele, 48, teacher.

 Adele's another interviewee who grew up during Thatcher
times. Adele says she felt frightened during this period
because of things like; The Falklands, neo-liberalism, Maggie's
infamous qoute "There is no such thing as society" and her
relationship with the slightly controversial Mr.Ronald Reagan.

Adele also felt that her death was in good timing, due to
the current party's attack on the poor, cuts on public services,
the 450,000 signature strong petition against Ian Duncan,
so in a way the celebrations were helping voice out
against not only Maggie, but the current party too.

Sharefa, I think she said she was 24 but I forgot to write it down...

The last person who I interviewed was Sharefa, whose name I
would have spelt wrong had I not taken her email address... 
She was pretty happy that Thatcher's death had brought
people together, and she was also happy that it had happened
in Brixton because it was badly affected during her time and
still is because of her racist policies. She as well as many others
as you probably can already tell didn't quite like her war on the poor
as well as her being one of the first to introduce neo-liberalism

My personal take on this is that while I enjoyed seeing people
be able to freely express themselves the chants and songs regarding
Maggie's death were a bit too much for lil' ol' me. Some people
questioned the morals of the likes who'd celebrate someones death,
but even though I could stomach some of the celebrations I think if
you're allowed to come together and say nice things about people 
you should be able to say nasty things about them too,
regardless of if they are dead or alive.

 Not everyone there was singing along and there were a few who
quite disliked Thatcher but felt singing songs about her being dead
was a step too far, and generally had the mixed feelings of being
happy she was dead, but feeling guilty about celebrating about it.

Maybe it's the Goldsmiths in me, but I think it raises the question that is 
"do some people feel bad celebrating a death because it's actually wrong,
 or is it because it's something we as a culture aren't particularly used to?"
I think it's the latter but the answer lies with the individual person.


Anyway that's enough amateur journalism from me for now,
bellow are links to the pictures and my fb if you wana talk,

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Saturday, 9 February 2013


Took pictures for Electric Empire again but at a new
venue! Electric Empire had it's first night at Bussey
Building which was a massive hit! We also had
upstairs hosted by Madame Electrifies Discotech
which meant there were more DJs, bands and rooms 
to cover as well as the night ending later (5am) so I 
was pretty knackered by the end of it but it was 
really good fun so it was worth it!

Links for pics, info on the night and more are bellow.

(extended gallery)




Friday, 18 January 2013


SLUG COUTURE smacked it on their debut night! Was a great
Thursday night with a crowd big enough for a friday night! 
Was a great mixture of bands and DJ's and I'm sure everyone 
who stayed had a great time at the Amersham Arms.

I was there taking pics and you can see them in the links bellow:






Saturday, 29 December 2012


Got my lense out for It's A Trap! on friday night and it went 
back into its camera bag a happy customer at the end of it all! 
Big shouts to Koshii for booking me, another shout for the falafel 
and his set wasn't bad either! I think this will be the last event I'll 
cover for 2013 and it was a good note to end on, the notes from
 the track selections weren't bad themselves either... 

Hope you all got fat on good food this Christmas and that you lose 
all the weight raving it up on NYE, or at least stay true to your 
resolution and lose the weight! For the last time this year, cya! 
All the links you need are bellow n shizz


Sunday, 16 September 2012


Took my camera out for the first time since the unfortunate incident
a few months ago! Was a bit rusty of course but I think it all came out well!


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