Monday, 21 March 2011


'sup bitchez

actually not even gonna bother playing it cool
got myself a set at none other than cable!
I'm quite excited, can't really think of anything else other than what tracks I'm gonna drop!
Even my dad was having a go at me for my room being in a mess
When I walked away in my head I was like
"Fuck you bitch, I'm playing at cable!"
If your yet to hear my amazing musical taste, click on the soundcloud link to your right

The night putting me on is Idiosynphonic so massive shouts to them!
Also playing we will have Trolley Snatcha and Document One!
Cutline will also be there, remember them? ;)

At any rate check out their facebook page 
and make sure you click attending on the event page!

see you there!

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Just had one of the best nights ever down at 1001!
Used to brock out there every weekend on a regular basis in their second room
but this was on another level
no seriously, it was on another level!
1001 were using their 3rd floor which I think they now have a license to use it to hold parties on a more regular basis! I really hope they do coz christ did they utilize it well...

Was full of pure, clean fast paced tech beats, good vibes and alcohol...

big shout to my friend at squitty bubbler who wasn't able to take pics and forwarded me instead, be sure to pay a visit to!

Also big shout to 1001 for having me down there
add them on their new facebook page, they have too many friends on their old one!


Saturday, 19 March 2011



before I start must say I'm running out of alliterated titles for my deathwish debunkings (there goes another one...). If you have any, you know where to send them...

Deathwish still bringing it strong!
Another bass filled night with a night full of ravers with stamina to burn!
All the DJ's were smashing it like Richard Key's and our headliners, the duo that are Delta Heavy were quite literally, "bi-winning"!

If for whatever reason you missed out,
we don't care, we had our fun ;)

run your tears over these pictures I took of the night that you could have been apart of,
as well as add to me on here for some sympathy


Thursday, 10 March 2011

get rid of that rentokill coz I have a INTERVIEW WITH RATTUS RATTUS

  RATTUS RATTUS smashing it for the second time at Deathwish Disco!

If there's an urban nerd who's ahead of the game, it's him!
Chummed it up with DJ Rattus Rattus down at Merk Chicken a month ago and have been bumping into him around town here and there ever since, so I figured he'd be up for and interview. I wasn't dissapointed when he said he'd be down for it.

First things first, why do you go by Rattus Rattus? I'm expecting a cool reason here!

Once a rat pissed on me, so i thought i'd palm of the embarrassment by pretending i was a rat and its just what we do.
Where did the tale (pun intended...) of Rattus Rattus begin and where has it taken you?

A mate left a tape (yes a cassette!) in my walkman by accident. It was full of Uk Hip Hop tracks by Taskforce, MUD Family, Rodney P etc and i was hooked. The only way to listen to alot of that stuff was on vinyl so i bought some shitty decks and havent looked back since.
I've seen you play a fair few times and noticed you really do have a bit of everything in your locker. Are you forever just waiting for even the slightest opportunity to drop some tunes crowds wouldn't have heard or are you thinking "They aren't quite ready for this tune just yet..."?

I try as much as possible to play all the genres i enjoy in my sets. Not because of some "musical journey" but more thats what i want to hear when i go raving. So i am constantly trying to switch up genres to a crowd but sometimes you just can tell certain things wont work. As much as i may want to play certain tracks i wouldnt push something if i knew it wasnt gonna make everyone dance harder. Im interested in uniting the dancefloor above anything else
When I first became aware of you it was when you were doing pretty much all of your sets back to back with Klose One. It still happens but not nearly as much anymore! Do you want to quash any rumours that the two of you have had a bitter brake up?

haha, this is the first i've heard about it. We started off doing stuff individually and have always continued to do that. But we are actually working on something really special at the moment. As DJ's first and foremost we are constantly competeing against producers for sets. So its important that we make what we do very special and memorable.... So basically watch this space!
Tensions raise and shit happens. Before you know it it's ATG vs Urban Nerds. Which side do you join and more importantly, who wins!?

I'd find a good sofa and hide behind it. That'd be a pretty apocalyptic battle as they are both heavyweights. So like the USSR and USA they'd probably wipe each other out and myself and cockroaches would inherit the earth!
It's still pretty early in the year so I'm pretty sure you've got some massive plans you want to carry out. what kind of plans are we talking though?

Along with the project with Klose One, Im currently hard at work producing which is a completely new challenge for me. I'm on the most festival line-ups ive been on before so its already looking like a great year... I may buy a pet rat
This ones for all the bedroom DJ's trying to get some sets, what kind of advice have you got for them?

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE... then go to local clubs and nights and try and meet people promoters other dj's, producers etc... Obviously online networking will help but there isn't anything better than meeting people in person. They are much more likely to listen to your mix or tracks that way.. On top of that i'd say be prepared to work for free for a while your much more likely to get on line-ups if youre not trying to charge £10000 for a set
Big ups time. Who are you rating at the moment and also deserves a bit more of the spotlight?

Klose One and all the ATG and Urban Nerds family. I could go on for hours about all the fantastic Club Nights, MC's, Producers and DJ's who i now consider friends, But theyre all big bad and ugly enough to get the spotlight already. On a relatively unknown tip check out Rudimental, Elkat & Mista Men
Right that bring and end to another good interview :)
Make sure you pay a visit to Mr Rattus' myspace as well as keep up with Urban Nerds and the ATG mandem, deffo people you should have in your crosshairs
Mr Rattus also wanted to share the national fancy rat society with you guys too
It's all relative up in here

If you wana keep up with more amazing stuff like what's above

Wednesday, 9 March 2011