Saturday, 19 November 2011


THEM! fukken smashed it more than I smashed myself last night!
It was a massive night at corsica. I think my favourite thing about
that venue is that you can hear the bass shaking the walls in 
the toilets! Their spacey green room ain't half bad either...

Headliners MJ Cole and Wookie fully brought it to whichever raver
so much as thought "Come at me brah", every dj was keeping it 
slick, spesh with a sweet afrobeat sesh from Gordon Wedderburn.

As you've probably guess I was there taking pictures!
Check the details bellow for all of your pictorial and
contact details enquiries.

peace muvaluvas.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


khris with a k keepin 'em moovin ;)

Urgh! Barely been posting coz I've not been about as much due to uni! 
I do intend to show you some of my design work by the way, just you wait!

Anyway, last week I was a bit busy as I warmed up for Dub Chemistry in
Gravesend, Kent! Was my first set outside the city, which was a cool
experience, hopefully wont be the furthest I travel out to play though!

After that I was in more familiar territory as I played for Wuja Wuja's Dub 
Juice in Brixton! My favourite part was when the promoter told me that
during my set people were going to the bar saying it was the best music
they'd ever heard! Yes, probably a slight exaggeration but I'll have it!

Will be playing for them again on the 10th of December, with the
up and coming Dream headlining, so make sure you come down!
click on the picture for deets

As for this weekend I will be taking some pictures 
down at Corsica for THEM, with MJ Cole headlining!

I think that just about covers everything I have to say
 cyars, latars
hatars, playars
and of course

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