I'm no journalist but at one point I decided to start interviewing other
artists to try and see what they've had to do to get where they are as
well as other things that whoever reads it can learn and gather
an understanding from. Myself included!

 Breakbeat DJ ELITE FORCE takes some time 
 out to inspire us all with his amazing career!

 Easily the most well humoured pair in dubstep
 that I've come across, a bit of banter with CUTLINE

  Never heard a bad word about him and I'm pretty
  sure I never will! I ask Urban Nerds gentleman dj
  RATTUS RATTUS a few questions

Would seem Camberwell just can't help churning them
out! Interview with amazing illustrator MOOSE & YETI!

First interview with someone I haven't met in London and someone who's female! Two birds (no pun intended) with one stone! Take a look at the amazing illustrator AMAR POR DIOS!

 A photoshoot, interview and free music! What more could you ask for from STUPIDRICHKIDZ!

We get to know about dubstep dj SKIT as he drops his new EP as well as giving us an interview!