Friday, 31 December 2010


Before I start, I hope everyone who's kept up with me has a great new year!
for those who haven't, fuck off ;)

Didn't sleep a wink till 8am!
Was drawing this for my blog, and also some practice.
Took me ages.
Football Manager 2011 takes no responsibility for this fact.

 Overall I'm happy with it but the shading on her is way too harsh,
my drawing is out of proportion and makes the original look scaled
and I got lazy with some of the watches, the clothes
and definitely on the fur!

Well hopefully I'll keep up my practice,
get back to my best
and then get better!

Original file is up here if you want a closer look
Hope you've had a merry christmas and I hope you have a happy new year!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


My setup; numark axis 9's, gemini ps-626, logitech x-530 speakers (sub woofer and other satellites are on the floor, skullcandy headphones, complete with duct tape on the bpm readers and counters, any brand will do ;)

My first dj sent went...
Pretty badly

Well not a major calamity, just a series of annoying little things after another.
Promoter was 20 minutes late and I was up first which cut my time down
Well least he said sorry like he meant it
Finally got on the decks which took a tiny bit of getting used to
I just wish I could bring down my own equipment!
The cue button only seemed to work when it wanted to, which was annoying
Luckily though I had used the set up they had
once before at a house party so eventually it was cool
For a party that had literally been arranged yesterday
afternoon there was a decent turn out for 9pm!
But it being 9ish, meant everyone was sitting down 
getting their drinks in and not dancing!
By the time I was anywhere near getting comfortable with my set my time was up!

Oh well

Still though I am probably being a bit of a drama queen about it
A few friends said they liked it, which is good
was a good bit of practice for what was supposed to be my first dj set
I'll be playing from 11:30 til 1:30
It'll sound a little sumit like this
I'm expecting a good turn out and a lot of people dancing :)
If however I don't get some practice on some pioneers before hand bringing down my own cdjs might be an option :P 

Monday, 20 December 2010


I'm experimenting in photoshop, that's what.
That's about as detailed as it gets!
Well, not really.
I'm starting to learn my way around thanks to these guys
After I did that tutorial in particular, I used that one to start off with,
a mere inspirational plaything in the midst of things.

What's in the picture?
I dunno, it's abstract, dickhead!
But if anything I see monsters hunting prey, moving very quickly.
It's good that they move quickly,
because they emit so much light whatever they are hunting
would see them from a mile off...
They do look pretty dangerous though, so combine that with the hunting,
and their speed I decided to call this picture "run", because if I saw them, that's
what I'd do.

My dad said he saw movement and textiles,

Saturday, 11 December 2010


Been too long since I've last been taking pictures!
Got a good warm up now that I have my camera back from being repaired :)

Four whole weeks without my precious!! 
Can you even imagine what that must have been like?
It's looking like I'm gona be facing a similar thing with tobacco, 
but lets not wander off topic...

So where did I go? I went to not nice!
Good night of drum n bass, wore me out for sure
(lol at how I say it like I'm gonna stay in tonight)

whasat?? you wanna see the pictures?
oh ok, I'll stop speaking, and leave you with my facebook  page

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


My name's Khris as you can guess (yes correct spelling and everything) and this blog is dedicated to pretty much all of my creative endeavors!

I'll keep it short but I'm in a happy mood today as I'm getting my camera back from repair and I've just been offered a dj set to play early in the new year, it'll be my first one hopefully of many at a club :)

Won't leave you empty handed just because it's my first post, have a listen to my live mix which I recently released, was done by ear and everything! Check out the other one on my channel too!

safe to not nice for helping me out with the embedding as I'm retarded, check them out too

thanks for reading, clicking and listening!