Saturday, 29 December 2012


Got my lense out for It's A Trap! on friday night and it went 
back into its camera bag a happy customer at the end of it all! 
Big shouts to Koshii for booking me, another shout for the falafel 
and his set wasn't bad either! I think this will be the last event I'll 
cover for 2013 and it was a good note to end on, the notes from
 the track selections weren't bad themselves either... 

Hope you all got fat on good food this Christmas and that you lose 
all the weight raving it up on NYE, or at least stay true to your 
resolution and lose the weight! For the last time this year, cya! 
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Sunday, 16 September 2012


Took my camera out for the first time since the unfortunate incident
a few months ago! Was a bit rusty of course but I think it all came out well!


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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Finally got another EP sorted! Got four tracks of EDM goodness
with no set genre (apart from EDM of course...) so each track
is noticeably different from the other! Should be making a mix
in the next few days to accompany this EP and hopefully that
should be just as banging, look at the links at the bottom to
to know how to stay clued up for when I eventually do that!

Anyway here's the music 


my mixcloud where I'll be posting a new mix :)

thanks for anyone who's listened and spread the word

Monday, 16 July 2012


Had a fun time at REGGAE ROAST, was the most packed I've ever
seen Plan B! Upstairs, downstairs, smoking area all full of people
who came down for the night, and I can't really blame them!

The fun did stop when my flashgun fell out my bag and got smashed
though, well the fun stopped for me anyway so wont be taking many
photos for a little while. Ending on a positive note though haven't been
to REGGAE ROAST before and I would very much recommend it, look 
at the links bellow on how to keep up with them, as well as where to
see my pictures and details to keep up with myself.

oh yeah and should be releasing my EP tomorrow or so, so make sure you 
gimme an add so that you don't miss it :)


Sunday, 24 June 2012


Was covering a new night at the Alibi called We Buy Gold!
Don't know what to say about it really,  

other than the fact that it was damn solid! 

It would have been more solid if I hadn't have had a headache 
when I got there, my first three pints were nothing but water! 
Anyway, enough of my bablin', check the pics and make sure you keep
up with We Buy Gold for your Footwerk 'n' Jukin' needs!


Sunday, 10 June 2012


Sick party down in peckham last night! Was down at Canavan's 
Snooker Club, bass in the front room and pool in the back! Didn't
 play any though coz I'm mighty shit at that game...

What I am good at though is taking pictures, check'em

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Sunday, 27 May 2012


Another great night down in New Cross prancing about to
some electro swing inside the Amersham Arms! Second time
I've taken pics for this new night called the Electric Empire
and it's the second time it's gone down quite well! Our DJs and
bands both went down quite, I doubt anybody had a bad time!

Anyway link for the pics are bellow, also make sure you like
the Electric Empire page as they will be updloading more
pictures which you can tag yourselves in, cya!

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Yes I was trying to see how many letters beginning with M
into the title, gotta love alteration...

Merk Chicken was a madness! Even the bouncers were bouncing
around at parts, venue fully kitted out with garage heads jumping
all over the place! The DJ's weren't half bad either :)

I was there taking pictures of course, on barely any sleep! I got booked
for this straight after I got home at like 6pm having completed work
for my last uni deadline of the year with no sleep at all. Well least I got to
sleep in my chair by accident which almost made me late for MC but
was all good in the end :D Time for academic freedom till
October or some shit like that so my blog should hopefully be a lot
more active :)


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Sunday, 8 April 2012


Sick time down at NOISE last night! Had all sorts of music
with people singing or rapping over dubstep, dnb and even
human music making machines (often referred to as beatboxers)!

I was there taking pictures of course, though to be fair I stretched
my voice just as much if not more than the vocal acts shouting and
screaming to the crowd making sure the hype stayed at a peak level!

Anyway that's enough from me, check the links n shizz bellow for pics n other info

Monday, 2 April 2012



Took pictures in the Amersham Arms for the first time in ages!
I haven't taken pictures there in so long that when I did cover a
few events there, I hadn't even started blogging! As I type this
it would appear blogging isn't a real word as there are red lines 
underneath it, even though I'm on a website for bloggers!?
The word bloggers is also underlined which amuses me as
much as the word blogging being underlined does...

I was at the Amersham to take pictures of a new electro swing 
night called Electric Empire! Was a great show with a really good band
and a great selection of DJs, some of which decided they were too greedy
to go back to back, so they would play on 4 decks instead of two! I
don't know whether to call them selfish or show offs,
maybe I'll just call them both?

Well I think that's for you to decide whilst you flick through my
pictures! all the deets bellow, cya peeps!

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Sunday, 18 March 2012


THEM was amazing last night! Awesome music, awesome people,
awesome staff (down at Corsica Studios) & of course, I took some
awesome photographs! Been a while since I got behind the lense in
a club (December to be precise!). Was scared I was gonna be rusty but
really really happy with what I came out with and my wild style shots,
which only seem to be getting wilder and wilder as the gigs go by,
which is what I love about it ^_______^

I'm finally on my spring hols for a month so hopefully will be doing
some more gigging if the opportunity arises, but what I will deff be
doing is staying in my room working on some musics, and hopefully get
some shoots done! Hopefully I wont end up relaxing for 3 
weeks then trying to cram everything all in...

Anyway that's enough from me, check the links bellow for
the pics and how to keep up with THEM as well as myself.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Yo, first post in over a month! Been wanting to get some of
my uni work on here and I finally have! So in as little words
as possible I'll talk to you about what I've been up to...

the project

the brief 

if you think that brief is vague, you ain't seen nuttin' yet.

  model: yuki assistant: tomomi
I decided that my project would be about how people in general are
habitually judgmental, myself included. I realised this whilst looking
at my own 'bad' habit of sucking my thumb. A lot of people disapprove
even though it's none of their business. I looked at what some people
thought about adult thumb suckers and it was pretty silly how much
people would assume about someone just because they put their finger
in their mouth. It's generally pretty silly how people judge each other over
little things like this when in reality they don't really matter at all.

For this project I decided I wanted to look at topics where people were
being judged and discriminated against but also people who weren't really
being backed by the media, or issues that are generally not talked about
or even worse, issues that nobody even knew existed.

m:ian a:ceiling, duct tape & coat stand... 

I'm pretty sure everybody has heard the old "Yeah I wanna get a tattoo but
I wanna get a job just a little bit more" line at least once in their lives. It's
ridiculous that people are still judged and discriminated against just because of
body modification. If it's an offensive tattoo then fair enough, I can accept
that there are some professions where tattoos may never be appropriate (not that
I can imagine any off the top of my head). My point is if the world has moved forward
from times where people would be judged for having a different skin colour or race
you'd think moving past times where people judged others solely on their appearance
quite easily. I've got a couple of stories for this topic, they are here & here.

m:amanda a:lukas 

I did some research on what is known as 'gingerism', the abuse of ginger people. I
found out that in the UK, the place with the most red headed people in the world,
is actually the place where most of the abuse happens. People will say gingerism
is just as bad as racism and in truth it is. As a few ginger people have stated,
famous ones too, if you were to replace the word ginger, in ginger jokes, with
black or Asian, it wouldn't be acceptable. You can see a couple of the jokes they
are talking about here. Worse off you can see an article about a man who was
beaten up just because he was ginger. Some will say gingers never suffered x amount
of years as slaves or had several million of their kind rounded up and killed, but is
that what has to happen before people realise that it's still as bad as racism?

 m:bruna a:amanda 

Whenever girls ask the question "How comes guys can be sluts and girls can't?" I
find it quite annoying because one, they are implying that all guys have an easy time
getting laid on a regular basis, very few do! Secondly I find girls more likely to judge
another girl for having sex, but don't get me wrong, guys can be pretty harsh about
it too. When doing research on peoples opinions on girls who enjoyed having a fair few
sexual partners most of the answers were really obvious ones like she's doing
it for attention, lack of morals, and just basically a dredge of society. STDs was about as
valid as it got when looking for peoples opinions. They would then go onto assume
that a "classy" girl was just a generally better human being. The thing that gets me the
most is that very, very few people would come to the conclusion that maybe, just
maybe the girl was having sex because she enjoyed it, which bothers me.
Society seems to have a perception that only men enjoy sex, and if woman enjoys it
just as much, if not more, than there is something so wrong with them they may
as well be considered sub human.

 m:marjon a:fatimah 

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen some sort of picture implying that if you
don't have curves you're not a real women, and curvy women are generally better
than you if you're skinny. This whole assault on smaller women has happened mostly
because of models, some of whom would starve themselves to look skinny and the
everyday girls who would copy them. This lead to things like bans on women under the
BMI of 18 on some catwalks. This is unfair because BMI is wildly inaccurate as it only
measures your height and weight. Athletes who are weighed with BMI are often seen to be
overweight as muscle weighs more than fat and there is also bone density to be accounted
for. Some people can be under the BMI of 18 and be perfectly healthy because that's how
their body works. To get a proper determination of your weight it's best to go to a doctor
who can determine how much you should weight for the type of body you have. Basically
everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, however having one body type doesn't make
that person better or more 'real' than another. Also being too skinny or being fat isn't
a body type, it's being unhealthy.

m:anthony a:victoria 

Lastly I wanted to do something to highlight the fact that men are 3 to 4 more time
likely to kill themselves more than women. This is a worldwide epidemic with so
many more men than women killing themselves each year and not a lot has even been
said about it. I also realised that out of all the kinds of men, young white men in their
20s and white men around the ages of 65 where the most likely of people throughout the
world to kill themselves. There are many theories as to why this is, to see them, give it a
google. Many people have their opinions some of which are right but a lot of them are
wrong. Other than suicide white people have actually started to suffer discrimination in
the name of equality. In order to let more women or ethnicities into the work place white
people have been discriminated against. There was a recent story about a white male
police officer who had a few degrees and scored the highest on an exam wasn't given the
job of being the chief whereas a hispanic man who came third in the test and had no
degrees got the job. That story is here, and Jeremy Paxman also had something to say
about it here. Rather than get rid of things like racism and sexism all that has really
happened is that the tables have been turned which is pretty sad.

Yeah for those who reached this far thanks for reading! Even though it's quite a long post this is only a summary of what I had to say about each topic and what I did in general! Would like to hear your opinions and things, if you think I've missed something out or talking nonsense or whatever, that's what the comments section is for!


Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Got two treats for you today! One of them is the third 
mix for my MXD MXS series and the other is an interview, both 
from up and coming blogger, Yet Another Blogspot's Jamie Bellal!

He'll be talking to us about his blog, what else he's up to, and of 
course, the mix he's done for us to listen to, so without further ado...


You're here primarily to promote your entry to my MXD MXS project. 
Tell us about what you've brought to the (turn)table!

Well for my mix I decided to bring Tech House to the table. It's a genre not really 
looked at much by the young audience as its scene is quite mature and I love 
the beat of it and the vibes it broadcasts. Artists that I have on there include 
Robert Owens, Ron Costa, Joris Voorn and also a remix by Eats Everything.
You've gotten yourself your first set at non other than the Ministry Of Sound! 
How does that feel?

I've been making mixes in my bedroom for just over a year now and to get my 
first ever set in Ministry of Sound is definitely an honour. I'll be playing at Fedde Le
Grand's London Takeover and I'm really ecstatic to be given the opportunity to show 
the world that I am capable of performing to the world. I feel really happy. Even 
though it has attracted some attention from other DJs who'd kill to play at the club, 
it hasn't sidetracked me at all.

Right now you seem to be getting quite versatile with the things that you cover
and the skills you've taken up. What was your main focus when you started your blog?
When I started YAB back in August 2010, its main focus was the Dubstep and Drum 
and Bass scene and for me to report on the events that took place. It went well, 
attracted some audience however I got recognised in raves for the photography I did.
(To some I am a UTR photographer, but I've never been contracted or employed by the
guys ever.) I did a project in college, a written report in April 2011 (which still needs
some adding to!) where I wrote about the changes in Dubstep, how its gone from
underground to being played in TV adverts for example. From that I realised that
Dubstep wasn't worth writing about anymore, and I lacked passion in it - there's no
essence of euphoria when I talk about it now as the whole Sub Bass concept has slowly

As a journalist the amount of things that you cover seems to be growing. What new
things do you think you'll add to what you already do and blog about? Or do you
think you're going to start focusing on some things more than others?

Well YAB has delved into Grime and Hip Hop and even though I've done one video of
each, it's attracting so many views, so that's something I aim to focus on in 2012.
House/Electro and Progressive House are other genres I'm focusing on - it's something
close to me and I've grown up on it and I find writing about it really great. I'd focus on
those more than Dubstep right now, the scene is pulsing really well at a steady pace.
From my observation, it's the most solid as Dubstep is changing so quickly that it's hard
to keep track of and its losing its value and the original integrity it had.

We are similar in the things we do and cover and our generation has the chance
to multi task like never before due to current technology and everything being
digitalized, which makes some skills a lot more easier to take up. What would you
say sets yourself apart from the others, and what do you think this will lead to in
the next decade or two? 

I love music. And I love to DJ. Every song that I mix into sends a chill down my spine.
I think that's the thing that sets me apart from most bloggers/journalists as I am REALLY
passionate about music.

I do agree digitalising things does make it easier to take up. Take DJing for example, I
use a Traktor Kontrol S4, which is a controller however I do get grilled by some who use
CDJs or Vinyl and they tell me it isn't DJing. The same thing happened when the CDJ was
introduced as an alternative to Vinyl! Technology is rapidly evolving, you can even DJ with
a handheld device these days, even an iPad could amaze a crowd. Anybody can be a DJ,
it doesn't matter what you use, it's how you use it that matters. Well in a decade I'd much
love to be settled down with my own magazine in my right hand and my wife and kids in
the other. I am a family guy, so family would go before music in my books. But if that
wasn't the case then I'd much love to tour the world, spreading the YAB brand. I've even
considered taking up producing but that hasn't come into effect just yet, we'll just have
to wait and see!

I'd say the main thing you talk about has to music without a doubt! What music scene
do you have an eye for now, and where do you see music in general going in the

As mentioned before, I've had a keen eye on the house scene. For me that's the place to
be because it's a genre which is been around for a decade or so and has so many branches
of it which can be mixed together making it the most creative. If I were to predict where
music is going however I'd say that garage is making a comeback. Many Dubstep producers
have started to experiment and are creating modern Garage tracks. A great example is
Mosca's EP Done Me Wrong which I absolutely love. In a sense Dubstep is going back to
what it originally was, 2 step, but it's being given a modern twist because there are so
many creative minds out there adding their own inspiration and completely knocking
down the wall of the genre to a point where you can't just give it a label. In terms of
Dubstep, there's another path, the American path, where it's rapidly just turning into
EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I'm not keen on that at all and I think it's depressing that
something that was meant to be deep and subsonic is now reliant on high pitched
synths and NI Massive presets which are capable of destroying your speaker system.

Lastly as I ask everyone else I interview, is there anyone out there who you'd like to
give some of your limelight to?

There's two people who I'd love to share. One is a producer, Breakage. If there's one man
that's making breakbeat and Dubstep to the quality it should be, it's him. He defines sub
sonic frequencies and it's such a shame he isn't heard of much. Another person I've got to
big up has to be my DJ mentor and friend Alex Kella who I will be doing a B2B set with at
Ministry of Sound on the 25th February. I see big things coming for him in the new year,
and he's really got to grips with the progressive house scene and has that on smash,
however I am getting him into Tech House and he seems to like it!

Big shout to Jamie for being up for this! Make sure you listen to his
entry and even more so make sure you enjoy it! DL link is on the mix's page




cya C:

Monday, 9 January 2012



 Been a good start to the year, played 2 sets already this
year and I hope I lose count of how many I play like I did
last year, hopefully I'll chuck some more EPs out and 
they'll get better as they go along!

So yeah it was Jan 1st in the afternoon and got a last
minute booking from Sai to play at Alibi which was some 
good fun, then on saturday I played for Wuja Wuja in
Brixton which was also great, got a good amount of
free drinks at both events too, always a nice bonus :)

but yeah keep up with 


so that you know where the cool kids are kickin' it when
these guys decide they wanna party and keep up to 
date with myself here.


Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Hope you all read the post in a Jamaican accent!
And even more so hope your having a great new year!
My NYE was dodgy but on the afternoon of Jan 1st got booked 
to play a night on that very night! Last minute indeed...


My new Project MXD MXS has begun, kicked off by non other than 
Kanji Kinetic with his appropriately names 'Forgot About K' mix!
They are all original and remixed tunes by Kanji himself, his
Benga & Coki- Night refix being my favourite :)
listen here
Well this is what it is, copied and pasted straight from the
MXD MXD tab coz I'm lazy/ tired of repeating myself. 

MXD MXS is a series of mixes run by myself. The idea?
1 30 minute mix a week, no music genre.  

What I want to have is a bunch of different kinds
of music all in one place so not only can you find
new music, but you can find new genres, DJs, artists,
etc, etc, etc

I will be throwing in the odd mix but it will be mostly guests. 
If you want to contribute then go on to the facebook page
and start posting some songs, or email
with a mix.