Sunday, 30 October 2011


The London Borough Of Bass smashed it again, absolutely ramming the 
venue with rotting carcasses and the worst excuse for music you'll ever hear!
The bar couldn't even hack the music, they started moaning coz apparently 
the bass was shaking the bottles off of the shelves, was a hectic night indeed!

Was a sweet variety of music with the DJs in each room keeping the genres
as unpredictable as they could get and I'd challenge anyone to recall a track
they heard twice! Crowd was also sweet with everyone putting good effort into
dressing up and dancing! Hope to see a bit more of this before the end of the
year and I hope even more to see more nights like this in the new one!
not too much though, don't think I'll be able to keep up, mad unfit D:

I was down there bouncing around and taking pictures as you might of guessed!
Check the links bellow for all the info on the night, the photos etc, etc!

 link for full tagable gallery inside

for all that I know this night was mainly promoted
by THEM & Z-SHED but THEM's facebook page is full

so that we can make sandwiches


Saturday, 8 October 2011


Was another sick night down at Idiosynphonic!
Big shouts to all those who came down yet again,
especially the early birds who rinsed it out during 
my warm up set, very much appreciated as ever!

As well as spin a few tracks I was also taking several 
pictures so check the links bellow for those details!