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INTERVIEW: The bottom line with CUTLINE!

 Looks like as well as have a go at djing, producing, graphics and so on it wasn't enough and now being a have-ago-journo is now amongst the things I do to keep myself busy. Must say I am enjoying the oppurtunity to come up with cheesy headlines.
Caught up with Jeryl and Dan from CUTLINE after their sweet set at Deathwish Disco for a quick interview. For those who don't know they are a dubstep duo who from my point of hearing are heavily influenced by breaks and seem to be rising stars who should definitely not be ignored.

Just what the world needed, more creatives from Bristol! What’s the bass scene saying up there?

Well if it's any consolation we only moved to Bristol a year ago, from...cough...Swindon.  To be honest we haven't really been out much in the last couple of months, mainly cos we're old and don't like the cold winter weather. Our younger friends say that it's pretty gnarly though.

How did you two get together and begin your assault on dance floors around the country?

J: I used a long standing friendship to my advantage by forcing Danny to write tunes to make me famous.

D: We've actually been friends since we were 7 years old when Jeryl first fired a lazer gun at me.  We've been working behind the scenes for many years doing PR, publishing and running labels and always had the intention of releasing music of our own one day, but because I'm such an anally retentive freak I didn't want us to release anything I wasn't completely happy with.

How would you describe your sound?

D: A turd rolled in glitter.  We like our music to have moments of both beauty and all out filthiness.

J: I'm not entirely sure using the word "turd" in a description of Cutline's music is great for our PR. This is probably why I should do the talking.

For your “Die For You” video was it the two of you dressed up as animals? Who was who? If you weren’t in the video who would be who?

D: Originally yes, I was the Gorilla and Jeryl was the Evil rabbit (cos he's a prick).  But due to it pissing down with rain and being windier than Johnny Vegas' pants after a beer and curry fuelled night on the town, the shoot was called off.  They then refilmed it a couple of weeks later with 2 random Koreans who had a fetish for dressing up as animals and beating the crap out of each other.

Your remixes for Cascade and Switched are big tunes. What remixes are in the pipeline, and if you were to remix any tune what one would it be?

D: We've just finished a dubstep remix for a fantastic band called The Agitator.  Neither of us have ever been that into indie music, but the original was so strong, that we just fell in love with it. There aren't any tracks that really spring to mind when I think about remixing, mainly because if I like something it's because the original is so good in the first place, so why would I want to?

J: I want Dan to remix Agadoo while furiously rubbing himself all over with baby oil. There, I said it.

Britney Spears has brought up a lot of controversy for having a bit of wobble in her new track. What are your views on this and where do you think dubstep is going right now? Has it peaked and gone commercial or is there still a lot more to be seen?

D: Dubstep will have it's commercial limelight moment as with almost all the new genres that seem to emerge in music, but there will always be that underground element.  Look at Drum & Bass for example, when the two step thing emerged in the mid nineties all the major labels jumped on it signing up the likes of Adam F and Roni Size.  The underground element still continued beyond this burst of commercial acceptance and I believe the same will be true of Dubstep.

J: I think that Britney Spears using influences from dubstep shouldn't be any more hyped than Girls Aloud using influences from drum & bass, or any other pop act borrowing ideas from an underground source. It doesn't change the fact that the underground is still there and still doing whatever it is that the underground does in all those dark rooms full of scantily clad girls.

I’ve noticed that one of you, and I’m assuming it’s Jeryl has a bit of a mouth on him. Realised it after a scathing youtube comment and it was confirmed when Jeryl said he didn’t want any questions about his bra size in this interview when I initially emailed him. Surely you’ve gotten yourself into some trouble?

D: Actually I'm probably worse than Jeryl to be fair, that's why I'm not allowed to talk to people. (comment edited by Jeryl)

Lastly who do you think is a rising star that we should keep our eyes on?

D: There are so many talented people coming through the ranks, so to speak, but we would have to say Millions Like Us and 501 have been doing it for us of late, probably why we've been releasing their music on our label NSFW [not safe for work] (  Yes that was a very blatant plug. And what?!

Big thanks to Cutline for this interview!
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