Monday, 17 January 2011


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  1. Khris's set was really good...and yes it's hard to play what you want without alienating some people..its risky when you first start out..mainly because people aren't aware of you and your sound as a DJ, (reputation will build with time and exposure) so it can be easy to get frustrated. Keep going Kris..being a DJ is a massive journey. Be prepared to play the early sets in fact any sets..til eventually you will get the ones you want playing what you want. Ive been djing for 16 years and I still have to compromise sometimes...but that is what keeps getting me booked and I can then do whatever I want at other sets (because I can afford to take less of a fee for the cooler parties)..THANKS and BIG UPS you did a fantastic job :) and that Pic is a great promo shot for you..bring a usb stik to mother sometime and i'l give you the high res versions. x