Saturday, 2 April 2011


gonna start with the bad news
someone spilt their drink on my camera and I couldn't play my set because cable closed early due to not getting enough money behind the bar, major suckage.

good news is that the people who came where awesome and every single dj raised the roof. They probably closed early just incase all the ravers who came down didn't destroy the floor because if that happened cable would consist solely off walls which are probably being maintained because they did have to put up with a ridiculous amount of bass!

anyway the pictures I took are here/div>
wont be much for a while but hopefully I'll get a favour done in time for deathwish/div>
gimme an add here for details on my pity party :P
and don't forget to join the idiosynphonic group fat line up for the next one, with bar9 headlining

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