Sunday, 15 May 2011


Had a wicked night down at the Boom Town pre-festival party on friday!
Was hectic, but in a good way!

I was asked to take pictures something like 3 hours before the event!
I had no problem in doing it as it meant I could test out my new
camera and lenses as well as, well, urrrr, go out and party...

So yeah rocked up there round 10 thinking yeah, no probs should be a bit empty,
I can warm up without a hassle, shouldn't be too much to do straight away, etc.
didn't quite work out like that
I was straight into the deep end running around the two floors trying to
take pictures of everything whilst getting used to my 50mm primed lens!

As I said, hectic!
frantic even..

Anyway It was all good and I got some shots I was happy with even managed
 to find some time to enjoy myself, not that I could have stopped myself!
good times, good times

That's enough jibber jabber
and use of italics
for the pictures just click on the links bellow



oh anyone notice the new watermarks?
well, more like footer banner thingy!
hope it's not too obnoxious as it's here to stay unfortunately!
I personally hate them but I've had to put them in!
far too many exclamation marks...

gona do an italic exclamation mark
and now I'm gonna shut up

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