Monday, 2 April 2012



Took pictures in the Amersham Arms for the first time in ages!
I haven't taken pictures there in so long that when I did cover a
few events there, I hadn't even started blogging! As I type this
it would appear blogging isn't a real word as there are red lines 
underneath it, even though I'm on a website for bloggers!?
The word bloggers is also underlined which amuses me as
much as the word blogging being underlined does...

I was at the Amersham to take pictures of a new electro swing 
night called Electric Empire! Was a great show with a really good band
and a great selection of DJs, some of which decided they were too greedy
to go back to back, so they would play on 4 decks instead of two! I
don't know whether to call them selfish or show offs,
maybe I'll just call them both?

Well I think that's for you to decide whilst you flick through my
pictures! all the deets bellow, cya peeps!

(they should be uploading a full taggable gallery)


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