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 Right here we have an interview with dubstep DJ/producer Skit who's just 
released a new free E.P.! He's here to give us a few words but if you cba for that,
then you can listen to it bellow in the soundcloud link and you download it 
from his facebook page, enjoy!


Before we start, why the name Skit? 
My friend gave me the nickname skitz when I was like 12 or 13 because I was
just a weird hyper little kid and people still call me that today but obviously
there is skitz beats and DJ skitz so I couldn't just use that for my artist name so
I took the z off. Now I get loads of stick from Swedish people hahaha

Now that we've started, where did you start with music? 
I've been doing music for quite a while. I started playing the trumpet when I was
about 7 or 8 and played in an orchestra for a little bit when I was younger. I 
started playing guitar when I was 14 and played in bands until about 3 years ago
when I lost the passion to do it any more. I took a production course at college
for a year after doing 2 years of music performance and got really into it.

where do you get your influences from, got any interesting favourite
musicians we might not expect? Guilty pleasures included!  

 I listen to all types of music really I'm obviously a huge fan of burial, etched
headplate just does something else to me. I'm also a big fan of noisia, biome,
phaeleh, coven, stumbleine, chasing shadows, koreless, kryptic minds, goth trad,
dmz, I'm missing out loads but I could go on all day. Noisia are the main influence
for my heavier stuff though, the way they manipulate their basses is crazy.

My parents used to play a lot of the 90's dance stuff when I was growing up so I
grew up listening to stuff like everything but the girl, corona, etc. My dad has
always been really into motown and a lot of the overly epic 80's stuff like tears 
for fears and the pet shopboys which are 2 of my guilty pleasures haha

We met when we played at Cable, in London, whereas you're actually from Guildford
which isn't exactly in London...What's the bass scene and clubbing like over there? 
There are a few nights in Guildford and they are all run by the same people
mainly Tim Subterra, George Aston and Mr Fame. They put on good nights but
not that many people in Guildford are into underground music. A lot of the 
music nights around here are band nights, there are only a few club nights.
they are doing a good thing though and kanefm (the station run by Mr Fame)
recently went legal and I'm going to be doing a pilot show for them real soon. 
Surely, being a music student in Guildford means you're into metal and that 
you can play a guitar right? I can see that you've got the flesh tunnels sorted!  
hahahha there isnt a metal scene in guildford tbh.  I think i went to one  
night to sell merch for my mates band and there was probably about 5 people  
in the venue that wernt in the bands playing. I still listen to some metal  
though i spent most of my young teenage years listening to it. 
Back on track now, you're here to talk about your new E.P. which you have  
recently released. It contains two tracks, Intimate, a nice chilled tune and  
Calling which is heavier but still quite melodic and not exactly tearout. 
Both tracks have quite a nice flow to them and I would recommend both! 

What  was going through your head when you made these two contrasting tunes? 

Tbh when I write a tune I cant sit down and be like ok I'm going to make this  
style of tune and if I try I usually end up writing the complete opposite of what I 
set out to. I usually just write whatever im in the mood for at the time. When I 
wrote calling i had just watched american pie for the first time in ages and the
vocal is from the track playing in the background when jim strips for nadia. When I 

wrote intimate i just wanted to write something really deep and emotive. I had 

been listening to alot of chilled stuff at the time i was writing it and I wanted 
the ep to be diverse so people dont think im just a one trick pony. 

You told me you just started making some sounds for a collaboration and  
you also want to make some liquid drum and bass tunes as well. Is it looking  
like 2012 is going to be good to you then? Apart from the end of world of course...

Yeah I just started work on a collab with someone I don't really want to say
who yet but he is an amazing producer and I am always looking up to him 
for inspiration to work harder.

As for the liquid track I just want to make a nice melodic roller of a 
track that's still upbeat and fast paced. I like tunes like that. 

Hopefully 2012 goes well for me, I can't wait for my next release to show
people how much more I can do. I wrote calling like 5 moths ago and I have 
tightened up my production a lot since then.

Lastly anyone out there who you want to put on our radar?  

You should definately check out Coven , Dark0 and Relay and Front. 

All of them are criminally underrated and making some amazing music 

 Please keep up with Skit and myself on the following links!



And that is all! Hope you all enjoyed Skit's new E.P. and what he had to say about himself! For my regulars I'm on break from uni so gonna hopefully  have a shit load to talk about over the days, and if not hope you all have a merry christmas plus a happy new year!

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