Wednesday, 29 December 2010


My setup; numark axis 9's, gemini ps-626, logitech x-530 speakers (sub woofer and other satellites are on the floor, skullcandy headphones, complete with duct tape on the bpm readers and counters, any brand will do ;)

My first dj sent went...
Pretty badly

Well not a major calamity, just a series of annoying little things after another.
Promoter was 20 minutes late and I was up first which cut my time down
Well least he said sorry like he meant it
Finally got on the decks which took a tiny bit of getting used to
I just wish I could bring down my own equipment!
The cue button only seemed to work when it wanted to, which was annoying
Luckily though I had used the set up they had
once before at a house party so eventually it was cool
For a party that had literally been arranged yesterday
afternoon there was a decent turn out for 9pm!
But it being 9ish, meant everyone was sitting down 
getting their drinks in and not dancing!
By the time I was anywhere near getting comfortable with my set my time was up!

Oh well

Still though I am probably being a bit of a drama queen about it
A few friends said they liked it, which is good
was a good bit of practice for what was supposed to be my first dj set
I'll be playing from 11:30 til 1:30
It'll sound a little sumit like this
I'm expecting a good turn out and a lot of people dancing :)
If however I don't get some practice on some pioneers before hand bringing down my own cdjs might be an option :P 

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