Sunday, 13 February 2011


I'm not just saying that, went down waaaaaayy better than I could have expected, especially for a night that only started late last year!

Every single DJ went on as if the word "dissapointing" wasn't in their dictionary!
Was straight garage here there and everywhere!
Got to brock out to some tunes that came out when I didn't even know what clubbing was!
Atmosphere was great with all the people more than up for it with there being just the right amount of people so it was packed, but still space to dance!

Was on trial taking pics for these guys and will be more than happy to make it a more permanent basis! (Christ man I'm using way to many exclamation marks!)

Only downside though is that my new flashgun that I've had for two weeks jsut went kaput all of a sudden :/ Still got some great photos in regardless!
as well as
add me here
Right, got Deathwish Disco and a trial at The Nest next weekend!
stay tuned for those!

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