Saturday, 12 February 2011


errm, yeah...

Waddup kids
Some absolute madness last night
So a friend of mine around the hours of friday, 12-4am is like
" yo man having an eviction party, you game?"
And I'm like
"can I bring my decks?"
And he's like
"fo sho'!"
Don't think I have to say anymore than that

Got there with my decks and ended up going back to back for some four deck action with my new friend Tom Shanks who should be supporting none other than Jack Beats!
Was ridiculous.
Thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am now looking even more forward to my next set which will be at Gramaphone on the 26th, playing 10-11:30
I'm gona be playing a fidget house/electro set click on the flyer for more info
if that's not your thing then I'm going to London Borough of Bass after for some bassliney stuff to take pictures
again click on flyer and tada etc etc

but before that I will be taking pictures here on the 18th
oh and if some of you losers still have no plans for tonight, come here
that is all :)

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