Friday, 18 February 2011

who wants SOME pictures?

skank! skank like the sinners you are!

Went down to SOME for the first time in a while, as well as the first time in its new venue East Village. Was expecting some straight dubstep but no, was straight up bashment! Was good to see none other than DJ Derek roll on with the reggae after first coming across him on Halloween at cable last year. However did stumble across this vimeo interview of him take a look! Was a pretty good night and i liked the atmosphere more than I previously enjoyed it at The Den (West London just isn't the place for underground music imo).

If you don't know it goes on every Wednesday.

All in all some really good fun!
I also started to ask myself something during the night:
Why do people play girls slow jams, when they can play them bashment instead?

 Anyway that is all folks, took some pictures

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