Friday, 10 June 2011


This mix is called genre genocide because it is filled with all sorts of genres
 other than one tune it doesn't really have any house, dubstep or dnb.
Easily my favourite
Sit back and have no idea what to expect!

 Dizzee Rascal vs Imicus- Stand Up Inveigle (not by me)
The Advent & Industrializer- BVR Acid
Noisia- Raar
16 Bit- What Time Is It?
Eprom- Humanoid
D-Code & Chan1- Glitterstep (Pirate Soundsystem Remix)
Noisia- Alpha Centauri (Elite Force Remix)
 Raffertie- Not Asleep, Not Awake
Mya- Case Of The Ex (Munchi Remix)
 Jerome Hill- Ready Now (Uffish Remix)
Kanji Kinetic- Melty Blood
 Squire Of Gothos- Harder Things
 Blackmass Plastics- Selecta Infecta
Lenkemz & Axewound- Supersharpbasslinz
 Mr V- Hypnotiq
Moves- All Skate
 McMash Clan- Dream Tripper
 Michael Forshaw- Energise
 SUN Project- Dance Of The Witches
Breakage- Fighting Fire
Munchi- Kanye Likes Interruptin People

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