Saturday, 25 June 2011


Z-Shed was massive as usual, been going down for years
but I think this is my first time blogging about it!

If you love your bass music and you aren't just tied down to
dubstep or drum n bass (you know how some people get) you gotta
keep up with this guy, I can barely describe some of the genres I've
heard here! From booty bass to bassliney stuff, we got them tings agwarning!

Also we had Coin Operated Records who've released tracks by some of my favourite
dj's such as kanji kinetic, pirate soundsystem and squire of gothos!

Was there not only to brock out but also to take pictures which are located below 
alongside all the other info for making sure I see you at the next Z-Shed!
You'd better be there!

(link to tag yourselves are inside gallery)

peace and love :)

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