Wednesday, 21 September 2011


just born for eachover...

Went down to Kingston to take some shots of my old friend Reagan Bradley as well 
as her boyfriend Alex Clarke who I've also known for quite a while now!They were 
both pretty fun to shoot with, despite the fun usually being at someone's expense, 
but that's just how we roll.

Was a pretty good shoot, but I probs need to get better at editing...
First we got our badass selves kicked off a roof we trespassed onto
which forced us to get some excersize via going all the way to the top
of a parking lot. Was a blessing in disguise though as what was looking
like a second rate replacement gave us a much better view 'n' shizz,
so it was quite the blessing in disguise!
Anyway that's enough chatter, click on the link bellow to take a look!

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