Tuesday, 27 December 2011


My first ever released attempt at making music is finally here!
And due to the technical side of things you can kind of tell...
I do like the ideas though, could have spent forever perfecting 
them but I thought getting them out there to see what people
think was healthier. Hopefully the as I keep on going the 
improvements will be noticed! Anyway enough talking the EP is
bellow for you to listen to as well as the mediafire download
link (let me know if it expires) or whatevs. Bellow all that I'll
let you know what was going through my head on each tune,
if this isn't enough of me talking for you...

Angeroo was an efm1 (I use logic) exercise, all the sounds minus 
the drum samples being made with that one synth, on the next EP
there'll be a tune which started off as an es2 exercise.
Wanted to make a straightforward dubstep track that has heavy but
simple and not tear out, think I achieved that without keeping it
overly repetitive which I quite liked, the sounds switch around alot
Too Much
Really enjoyed playing about with the drums on this, just wish I
was better with manipulating the bass, the idea I had for this track
by far surpassed my current ability! Side chain shizz was pretty fun
too, Submerse aint got shit on me...
Too Cool 
This track was fun, think I got too excited over the finger snaps 
sample, hence the name of the tune, which should probably be
really called too fast, I don't think it has even one slow section...
If you've gotten this far thanks for reading, It's appreciated!
Got my stuff on youtube too if you're not into your soundcloud
or whatever. Big shouts to everyone who gave me a hand here 
and there, this EP would be a lot worse without you!
Also put out a mix recently, if you've still got enough space left
in your throat for me to shove my stuff into on my mixcloud
If you wana get at me check my facebook
Right hope you guys enjoy it, feedback positive or negative is welcomed!
thanks for reading and listening, cya!

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