Thursday, 22 December 2011


Really happy that someone's finally been interested enough in my 
stuff to want to give me an interview! Today, Dubheadz, tomorrow
The Daily Mail (soz had to keep the alliteration going) and the day 
after, the world! Soon Khris With A K shall rule all! WAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

Anyway, till then I will be sorting out some blog upgrades, and will be
dropping my ep inbetween now and new years, just got to sort out the
art work. You can hear some of my up and coming tunes on the mix I
did for dubheadz anyway, just check the link bellow and you'll see it.

 (click on link for tracklist)

That's all from me for now but should have something to say in the
next few days. At any rate, Merry Christmas Movvaluvva's!

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