Monday, 26 December 2011

upgrades :)

Finally got some upgrades sorted out! Didn't even take that long,
I just took long to get around to doing them... Finally got a photography
tab up, as it's not like it's what bring most of you revellers here anyway...

Soundcloud has also been revamped, in preparation for my first EP! 
All the tunes I make will now be uploaded onto my soundcloud,
with my mixes going onto my mixcloud, even made a new mix to
celebrate this (any fucking excuse to make a mix is all I need)

give it a listen, it's 30 minutes long and as heavy as fuck!
If it were a person, it'd be morbidly obese :)
also has some of my tunes on there :D

 The EP will be out tomorrow, cya then!

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