Saturday, 31 December 2011


It's been a good year! There's been some ups and downs but 
deffinately more ups! At least I remember them more anyway!
I'm gonna say a lot, but to keep your attention I'm gonna post pretty
pictures. Hope you guys had a good 2011 yourselves and have a good 2012 :)

lol I made myself a CV

this amazing track which I'd been coveting got released FOR FREE

Beasts In the Basement V I P by Reso 

I got a job that paid me seven quid an hour handing out leaflets
and I could pretty much pick my own hours, or if I wanted to work 
any hours at all, that was pretty cool! Elderly woman who would have
smoke breaks near my spot was pretty jokes too, good times!

 Started doing interviews with artists, first act being Cutline

My flashgun which I got for christmas (had to wait longer than that for it to
actually get here from china though) goes kaput on it's 2nd or 3rd fucking gig
  Got really sick and missed a couple of gigs, got an infection on my finger!
Doctors had to operate on it and everything, you don't want to be 
in the theatres where no one is acting...
February wasn't all bad got a few bookings as well as my interview with
Elite Force sorted which I was pretty happy about, but some parts did suck...

 first practice shoot with my friend the Queen!


had my worse gig ever :( Was taking pics and set for my first DJ set
at Cable but someone spilt their drink on my camera and I didn't get to
play because they shut early as not enough people came down. Lord that hurt.

Saw Stephen Fry at work!

Played at a squat party for the first time. 
Hope it doesn't end up being the only time...


got my camera replaced and got new lenses which I tested out at this massive event :)


played my first set at cable :) 


did jury service on my birthday :(
got let off it early because I fell asleep in court though :)

saw jakes play, he was sick!


people rioting because a drug dealer got shot :/ 

lost my job :(

nottinghill carnival! pineapple tribe smashed it again!
lost all my friends then met them later at a houseparty
good times :)


 had my best set of the year at cable after winning a mix competition :)

got myself a not nice t-shirt :)

best mix I've heard this year, period!
got my hair cut

restarted uni (was on a gap year)
restarted getting up at 8am (was on a gap year)

biggest z shed ever, being complimented by my evolving photography style :)

loved this tune!

played my first gig outside of London...
...all the way in Kent :P

racist women on public transport becomes a meme

the dubstep awards :(

this got released :)


 my first EP :)


my first interivew :)

I met Gunjack!

fucked up my laptop by spilling noodles all over it!

Think that's roughly about it tbh
Been more goods then bads, so it's been a good year :)
Big shouts to everyone who's booked me this year, especially those
who've done so consistently and even more so to those who have paid me ;)


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